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Famous Food Dishes

Famous Food Dishes 

National food day 

24 oct India food day 

International Food  day

16 oct international food  day

 National Dish of Canada 


Frequently filled in as a side dish, poutine has been there since 1950s and is made of French Fries, cheddar curds and an earthy colored sauce made of meat and chicken stock. It's likely called so as different dishes made of potatoes are additionally called poutiness. This dish is such a lot of famous that Canada calls it their 'public dish

 National Dish of  South koera


Kimchi is generally made by adding a glue of bean stew, garlic and fish sauce to salted cabbage, and permitting it to age - at times for a considerable length of time, or even years. It has an unmistakable sharp-harsh smell and a hearty, fiery flavor, which shifts between each clump, and every family recipe

 National Dish of China

Peking Duck

In China, Peking Duck is viewed as the National Dish and has been made there for quite a long time. It is known for its exceptionally fresh skin and lovely caramel tone

 National Dish of UK

Peking Duck

Chicken tikka masala is presently a genuine UK dish

 National Dish of USA


The National  dish of USA is your #1 - Cheeseburger. Its a famous sandwich made of bun or cut bread rolls loaded down with veggies, sauces and obviously hamburger patties, and afterward barbecued flawlessly

 National Dish of Japan &Top food dish JAPAN

  • Sukiyaki

  • Curry rice

  • Basashi

  • Gyudon

National Dish of  Australia

Roast Lamb

Roast Lamb has been pronounced Australia's public dish in a significant survey that shows we're as yet a nation of meat eaters on the most fundamental level.

 which is national food of india  & what is national food of INDIA 

  • Masala Dosa 
  •  Idli and Meduvada ·
  •  Spread Chicken ·
  •  Paneer Tikka · 
  •  Chhole Bhature

National dish of united kingdom (UK)

Chicken tikka masala

Famous food  in HARYANA

Kachar Ki Sabzi.

Sangri Ki Sabzi

Bajri ki roti & chatni 

Hara Dhania Chola

Kadhi Pakora


Bathua Raita

Sarso ka saag 

Famous food  in RAJSTHAN

papad ki sabji 

bhujiya ki sabji 

sangri ki sabji 

daal bhati 

besan ka Gatta ki sabji 

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